My Foodie Bucket List

We all have a bucket list but how hard are we trying to cross off things off the list?

By sharing them publicly it forces you to achieve them, it keeps you accountable, doesn’t it?

Some of the items are actually very feasible but if there are here it’s because I never got around to it!

What is on your bucket list? Do you have a food related bucket list?

  1. Eating in a Michelin Star restaurant
  2. Be on TV for a food related show – TWICE :)
  3. Cook in a Food Truck
  4. Have a recipe go viral
  5. Master croissant making
  6. Make my own wine
  7. Successfully make sourdough bread
  8. Take a Master class with a chocolatier
  9. Give a cooking workshop
  10. Eat in a ”bouchon” in the French Culinary Capital, Lyon
  11. Go on a wine tour
  12. Be an entrepreneur…
#2 – Be on TV for a food related show
#2 – Be on TV for a food related show