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Make Your Broth From Vegetable Scraps

Vegetable Broth from scraps in a mason jar
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What do you do with your vegetable scraps? Have you thought of making broth from it? Calling it vegetable scraps broth might not be the sexiest name to the base of your soup but it is delicious nonetheless! Reduce your waste in the kitchen and make more eco-friendly choices.

The scraps contains so much flavours. Extracting it to enhance your dishes requires no effort or money! You don’t even need time, you can just put it to cook on the stove and forget about it (while home of course)!

Let me tell you that influencers will influence! I have been really inspired by Jillian Harris as I follow and love watch her stories on Instagram. She talks about reducing waste, recycling and she has been freezing her scraps too! So here we go, let’s all jump on that bandwagon!

All The Positive Reasons To Make This Broth from your Vegetable Scraps

NO EXTRA EXPENSE: You already bought your veggies and were planning on discard the scraps. SAVE THEM!

LOW MAINTENANCE: Put everything in a pot with water and go on with your life. The scrap broth will make itself!

ECO-FRIENDLY: Homemade food is less store bought, no packaging. When your broth is ready, put the scraps in your compost

Vegetable Scraps in a red pot

Vegetable Scraps Broth FAQ

Which Scraps can you use?

All vegetable scraps can be saved and frozen! Yes, freeze your scraps until you have enough to make your broth. You will need about 3 packed cups of scraps to make about 2 and half cups worth of broth.

There are a few vegetables that you don’t have to think twice about saving them:
– carrots
– onions
– celery
– leeks
– tomato
– zucchini

Some others are still fine but in smaller quantities to not over power your broth to the risk of making it bitter:
– broccoli
– eggplant
– kale stems

Why is my broth so dark?

I buy the red, orange and yellow carrots but I also left the peel of my onions which will give a darker colour.

So frozen scraps?

Yes! Freeze your scraps to gather enough to make your broth. We are a family of 4 and I had enough to make a batch after 3 weeks or so. Although, I waited long enough to make 2 batches.

How do you store the vegetable broth?

I store them in mason jars and I freeze my broth.

Vegetable Scraps Broth

Cook Time1 hr
Total Time1 hr
Course: Soup
Keyword: Broth, kitchen, no waste, rose water, scraps, vegetables, veggies, waste reduction
Servings: 2 cups 1/2
Author: Mélanie
Cost: ZERO


  • 3 cups vegetable scraps
  • 6 cups water


  • In a large pot, put the vegetable scraps and pour the water. Bring into a boil.
  • On low heat, keep on a simmer for an hour or so.
  • Using a colander, pour the broth into jars and dispose of the scraps.
  • Freeze your broth or refrigerate if you are planning on using it soon.

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