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Interview of a 4-year old

This year, my participation in Food Revolution Day will not be a recipe but an amazing interview I did of my mini-superhero!  Every day, he amazes me with his comments about food, remarks about what he observes, and questions about our bodies.  He is so curious and we love it!

A few notes about this video:
– We are so proud that he understood the concept of indulging once in a while but being healthy is a priority!
– I am the one asking the questions and it was as natural as possible since I communicate with him ONLY in French!
– I did NOT tell him to say something, in particular, we just chatted for 15 minutes in front of the camera!
– I did question him in a way to get him to repeat some sentences he has said in the past.

A few ideas that he says a lot but did not express:
– He loves to cook/help with his parents in the kitchen
– His younger sister is following his footsteps!

– Introducing any food as soon as they started solid food has been a key in the development of their palate!  I am so proud that they eat EVERYTHING!

Cranberries-Walnuts kale salad with goat cheese dressing

The recipe is referring for the Kale salad is this one! He loved it!

As for the real food and the pizza, the kids loves when we make it and they customize theirs. The recipe is here.

Mini Caprese pizza

Thank you for watching the video and TEACH YOUR KIDS, GET THEM INVOLVED and do not find bad excuses, yes you can be HEALTHY in your busy mom life!

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