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I think we all need comfort at this point: cauliflower gratin.

That is right!  Last day of February and -26C this morning.  I tend to think that Spring will never come around…  This is a long and tough winter (Well, at least for me, I am from South of France, remember?).  My previous winters, since 2006, have not been that brutal.

I am not asking for 20C (although, I would not complain) but just anything in positive degree… Please, please, Winter go away! Am I the only one here?  All together.  PLEASE, PLEASE, WINTER GO AWAY!  It might work :)!

In the meantime, I have a simple recipe to propose.  It is super comforting and the entire family will love it.   It is creamy, it is warm and it is what you need this weekend.

Tip:  You can grate some nutmeg on it.   It adds an amazing flavor.

And voilà!  Easy, tasty, it is what I do!  Enjoy and stay warm.Cauliflower gratin

Cauliflower gratin.

Portions: 4 portions


  • - One cauliflower (on average 750g)
  • - Bechamel ingredients 
  • - Grated cheese, preferably Emmental


  1. - Cut your cauliflower into floret and cook it in a steamer.  If you do not own a steam, it is not the end of the word, I have cooked it in salted boiling water before, cook it until a knife can enter the vegetable easily. 
  2. - Follow the bechamel instructions here.
  3. - In an oven dish, place the cauliflower, pour the bechamel heavenly on top of it.
  4. - Add the cheese on top.
  5. - Cook in the oven 15-20 minutes at 350C and serve!



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