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How to peel a tomato

How to peel a tomato: Lot of organic tomatoes

Do you know how to peel and seed a tomato? I got you covered!

While cooking, you can keep the peel of a tomato, if you wish, but for some recipes, it is definitely better to take them off. There is a technique for that! It’s quite quick and so much better when you eat not to chew on a piece of tomato skin.

[How to] series: I shared 2 cutting tutorials and now one technique. Next, I’ll give you a great recipe which will allow you to use your 3 new skills you will have learnt. So far, I shared how to cut an onion, next how to cut a pepper and here is a technique AND finally a delicious recipe coming real soon. Promised!

The steps to how to peel & seed a tomato

It may seems like a lot of steps but it is actually pretty quick from start to finish. First you put a pot of water to boil, make a light cross with a pairing knife at the bottom of the tomato.

Place in the boiling water for 2/3 minutes or until you see the skin lifting a little by itself. Have a bowl with ice ready. If you want to make this step fast, place the tomatoes in a colander and run the cold water. We just want to peel the tomato not cook it.

A few quick notes!

Remember, this past few articles (How tos) are not the most existing ones but we all need to know some bases or sometimes a refresher never hurts!

Did you learn from this 3 tutorials? Do you have a special request? Let me know maybe I can help!

Also, share with all the foodies you know, any share and social love is so appreciated <3

Disclosure: I absolutely love what I do and I’m not an expert but I’m happy to share with you guys! Specially if it can inspire you to cook more at home and enjoy it! 

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