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Quick And Easy Fruity Smoothie

The campaign is finished for today but you should apply Jamie Oliver’s message every day.  Involve your kids in the kitchen, teach them to eat healthy, and have fun!

That is right, a one-bite treat that is actually healthy!  Very little sugar so your kids will not be over-exited with a sugar-rush.  Ah!  Those are awful.  For their little body and teeth.  And us.

As I was able to participate in the Food Revolution Day any other way than virtually, I decided to prepare healthy things the evening before and delivered them on the D-Day.

My son assisted me with a smoothie that him and his sister brought to the daycare to share with their friends at snack time.

Raspberry smoothie

For my husband’s work and mine, I made muffin bites.  They had a great taste, fresh and moist on the day of baking.  The whipped cream created a great balance with the tartness of the raspberries.

The smoothie was naturally sweet with the bananas.  The kids loved it.

Fruity smoothie

Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drinks, smoothie
Cuisine: American, Bistro, european
Keyword: dried fruits, smoothie
Servings: 3 liters
Author: Mélanie


  • Blender


  • 500 g raspberries
  • 6 bananas peeled
  • 1 L water


  • In a blender, put the raspberries and half of the water, mix. Pour in a big bowl.
  • In the blender, put the bananas and the rest of the water, mix. Pour in the bowl with the raspberries.
  • With a wooden spoon, stir well. Depending on how you like it, you can add some water.


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