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Food Revolution Day Series #FRD2014

On May 16th, for the 3rd year, the Food Revolution Day campaign will be held.  It is a world-wide movement to encourage kids, family, everybody in school, organization, everywhere to eat healthily and cook from scratch.

As a mother myself, I totally agree with the message that Jamie Oliver is trying to spread.  It is our duty, as parents, to teach the basics to our kids: how fruits and vegetables grow and understanding nature, learn how to cook and bake, and enjoying healthy meals and snacks.

FRD2014 Growing a garden

I encourage you to go and visit and pick what you will do to be part of it!  You can do something with your co-workers, at school or at home, it can be a recipe, discover a new vegetable.

To be part of the campaign, I will dedicate a few posts to it until May 16th.  To start, I want to share with you what my husband and I choose to do with the kids: A little garden!
Since, it is the kids’ project, for this year, we started small.  My husband, El Cubano, prepared a nice space to grow a few veggies my son picked.


 Our 3 and a half year old was actively helping to make the little holes, putting the seeds, and watering.  Our girl is younger (18 months) so she does not have the same involvement but just by watching her brother, she wanted to do the same!


They are really looking forward to eat the cucumber, carrots and peas from THEIR garden!

#FRD2014 how will you be part of the Food Revolution Day?

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