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Classic French Crêpes

view from top of 2 crepes folded with chocolate sprinkles with a cup of dark coffee on the side and a ramekin of sugar.
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Yes, I will share my classic French crêpes recipe with you: it’s easy and quick. It tastes delicious and the way I prepare it you can go sweet or savoury. It’s a crowd pleaser, the toppings are endless since I don’t put any sugar in the batter.

I don’t like to add any sugar or vanilla in it because someone would like to east a savoury one, it is then an option with that same batter.

Nutella spreaded on an open classic French crêpes with a cup of dark coffee on the side

Classic French Crêpes for dinner

French crêpes are actually a quick recipe for a weekday dinner. Put everything in the blender and your batter is ready! I lay out the option of savoury topping; ham, cheese, sunny side egg and done. Serve with the green goddess soup in winter or a roasted veggie salad in summer. Then… then for dessert, we get the Nutella out, sugar or chestnut spread for me.  A real French treat!

Next day, it’s the kids lunch with some veggies! Boom, dinner and lunch prepared in the blender in 5 minutes. Can you beat that?

Classic French Crêpes clichés

But who is kidding who here!? French crêpes have always been the cliché ‘gouté’ that kids want!

Of course, I’m selling it to you as a dinner and kid’s lunch but in my own heart, this is the famous 4 p.m. snack of champions!

A classic rainy Sunday who certainly call for this delicious French crêpes with a solid spread of Nutella. You get me, right? It’s not just me, doesn’t it sound so irresistible and decadent?

2 crepes folded with chocolate sprinkles with a cup of dark coffee on the side and a ramekin of sugar.

Classic French crêpes

Easy and quick, this classic French crêpes recipe is prepared in 5 minutes in the blender. It tastes delicious and you can have a sweet or savoury topping.
Prep Time5 mins
Cuisine: French
Keyword: condensed milk, crepes, dinner, easy, egg, french, french food, kid’s lunch
Servings: 12 crêpes
Author: Mélanie


  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g flour a little over 1 and 3/4 cup
  • 400 ml milk 2%
  • 1 pinch salt


  • In your blender. Put the eggs. Blend. Add the flour. Blend. Add the milk. Blend. It should be the consistency of egg nog.
  • Warm up your pan, pour a little less than a laddle, spread it by moving the pan. Turn it when golden under. Repeat until all the preparation is finished.
  • Tip: If you pan is not of good quality or your crêpe gets stuck, use a paper towel with oil or butter on it to make sure it will come of the pan easily.

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