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8 treats to bake for Father’s Day

Have you chosen what you are going to treat your Dad with tomorrow?  It is not too late.  Your Dad will love a homemade cake.  Personal touches and efforts are always the most appreciated.

My Dad is back in France so it is another year without a hug of his daughter on that day… I wish I could bake him something, probably with chocolate.
What will you make to your Dad?

Will it be some breakfast while he is sleeping in?    Is he more a banana pancake or French crêpes man?

Banana pancakes

French Crêpes

If he has a sweet tooth, you can seduce him with chocolate: with an extra moist chocolate cake. Ah that is the one mine loooooves!

Moist Chocolate cake

Or a cute little portion of a chocolate-almond cake.  You know that perfect little size to go with his coffee or tea.  Score!

Chocolate almond cake

If your dear Daddy is more on the no-chocolate side (which is weird!), there is the Strawberry Linzertorte, it is the perfect season for it.


And for those Papa on the milky side, I have you covered with the Cuban flan (quick and pantry ingredients)

Cuban Flan (3)
Or impress your Dad with a French crème brûlée, oh la la.

Creme brulee

Or even that crazy creamy S’mores crème brûlée!  Totally worth it.

S'mores crème brûlée


You might have too many choices now.  Well, there are all worth the trouble so just go with your heart and he will enjoy it and love it no matter what!

Enjoy your Father’s Day!

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    Helen @ Scrummy Lane
    June 16, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Missed this post before father’s day, Melanie, but there are some great recipes here all the same! Maybe I can make something from this list for Dad next year! (the chocolate almond cake looks yummy!)

    • Reply
      June 17, 2014 at 12:41 pm

      There are no special day required to make a yummy dessert 🙂 treat yourself Helen!

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