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6 Delicious Red Currant Recipes

The red currant season is almost over. Whether you grabbed all these sour fruits and froze them, have a few still hanging in your garden or picked some up at the market, here are 6 delicious red currant recipes to enjoy them a little longer.

Sweet, sour and tart, these small fruits can be used in different ways. Dessert may be your first thought but thinking outside the box, you may find a red currant in your main dish or in your drink!

1. Classic Unquestionable Red Currant Jam

Recently shared on the blog, my 2-ingredient red currant jam is really easy to make.

You can’t really make excuses to make this delicious jam. Easy, 2 ingredients, small batch so quick, what else? Jam is always a sure thing. The perfect spread to your toast, add on to your crêpes or to your tarts. You can’t go wrong with jam!

Close up on a jar of red currant with fresh fruits aroudn

2. French inspired Red Currant Yogurt Cake

Red Currant Yogurt Cake from Isabelle at Crumb: a Food blog

As Isabelle says, red currants have a ”All-too-brief” appearance! I too wish I would be able to have some longer and maybe another bush.
I love Isabelle’s recipe in a special way since it is inspired by a French classic, the yogurt cake. Easy to put together, the ingredients are most likely going to be all in your pantry!

4 small red currant yogurt cakes on an oven rack

3. Elegant Red Currant Meringue Torte

Red Currant Meringue Torte still from the lovely Isabelle from Crumb

I can’t begin to imagine how the sourness of the red currants and the sweetness of the meringue must be like the best combo ever! Would you look at that crunchy meringue on top? It looks divine!

4. Almond & Red Currant Mini Tart

Another delicious dessert: Red currants and Almond mini pies.

Irresistible sour red currants and sweet almond cream in mini pies. Baked in mason jars, the perfect size! Let me tell you that this perfect buttery crust filled with these little sour red currants and an almond filling is just the balance of taste you need in life.

5. Red Currant Grilled Chicken & Vegetables

Colleen from The Food Blog shares this delicious savoury recipe: Red Currant Chicken and Vegetable.

Some fresh red currants, some red currant homemade sirup, how clever is that recipe? The best way to keep your palate interested when eating chicken! The flavours are nicely balanced. The tartness of the red currants are fading with the cherry tomatoes, red onions and red bell peppers. A tasty sauce using a red currant sirup is just the cherry on top!

Red Currant Grilled Chicken & Vegetables in a black skillet

6. Red Currant Mohito

Lovely Colleen is really inspired with red currants and made this Red Curant Mohito.

During this beautiful days of summer, who will be able to turn down a pretty and tasty drink? Colleen uses rum as I would but it would be easy to skip this ingredient to make a Virgin drink! Served in mason jars, I can totally picture myself sipping one of these by the pool!

2 6. Red Currant Mohito in mason jars with mint on the side

What have you cook or bake with these sour little fruits? Share your red currants recipes!

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